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Our farmstead is a result of a huge wish and a hard work we've passed to obtain this farmland. Me and my wife, we are a young family, and just moved from a city back to where we belong – the countryside and nature. We are philosophers of an organic life style. Low impact living, creativity, music and nature describes the interest we're all living with.We are creating the permaculture garden and edible forest garden almost from scratch. This is the first year of a project and lots of diferent works and projects should be completed. Evereybody is able to give his ideas in to the future paradise! Our farmstead is located in the north part of Lithuania, next to the Latvian border. Next to our 4 ha landplot we have lots of wild forests, small springs and fields. Lots of fun and lots of work the best describes the curent situation :)We have lot of space around us for acomodation and chilling. You will be able to try authentic Lithuanian sauna, fishing, wild berry and mushroom picking, do some sightseeing together with us and even visit some interesting places in Latvia.The farmstead will have a really live summer with lots of interesting people, house painting and many other fun stuf.

#2 Host

We are begginers in organic lifestyle. Just moved a few years ago from the city and creating heaven arround us. Many things to do when you start a new life. Reconstructing old houses, building new, lots of planting, grass cutting, forming landscape, digging a pond and so on. There are a few other families arround us, so we have kind of a small community here.

We grow our food using some permaculture principles. We try to use biodegradable products in our life as much as possible.

Food you find here: vegetarian.

Size of land 5,2 ha, not far from the southern border of Lithuania.

 We are fluent in English and Russian, also some German.


Hello dear volunteers! The secrets of fragrant forests, bird songs and
constantly variable nature elements inspire us to live and work at the
farm. Our ecological farm is small but cosy one. And we have a lots of
interesting things to do here, for example, to keep cattle, maintain fences
for pastures, look after our permaculture gardens, keep bees and farm
birds, take hay harvest and other things to improve our little farm. While
we do our best to avoid monotony here, maintaining and making our farm a
better one requires a lot of effort and work. That is why we are looking
for adventurous and courageous volunteers, who are not afraid of
wilderness, livestock and various difficulties.

   Our names are Andrius (30), Grete (29) and Barbora (2). We think we are
friendly, honest and creative family. Our ideology reflects our desire to
live within love for the nature and everything that surrounds us. We speak
Lithuanian, English and some Russian. Our farm is located in Klaipėda’s
region, thus it is only 25 km away from Klaipėda where the uniqueness of
Curonion Spit is being embraced by the Baltic sea.

   We are hoping to host friendly, independent, not very picky, but rather
simple woofers, who would like to experience farming and apply gained
knowledge to their lives. We promise you a cosy place to sleep, friendly
environment, healthy and tasty food, unforgettable time and experience.


A few years ago we radically changed our way of life and moved to live into the nature. We lived in a cave built out of strawbale in the beginning. Our thinking matrix was blown up here. Later, gaining an enourmous life experience, we moved to a tiny house, built by our hands. We are both artists. Perhaps this is why art is an integral part of our lives. We mostly create in the space in which we live. Our 2ha farm is surrounded by a large part of the forest. There is a small pond,  sauna building is incomplete. According to the principles of natural farming we started planting  garden and kitchen garden. It would be

nice to have the farm crop grown enough not only for us but also for our friends.We want to create the space in which we grow  together with people joining us. Enough work in all areas. We would like to complete the cottage, start construction of the sauna and finally to equipe kitchen garden and to form a garden. Space where to stay is tent or sauna, which currently is under final construction. In our menu you will not find meat, all the dishes will come at the fare stake.   Egle and Vytautas.



We invite you to Lithuania (LT)- country in the geografical center of Europe. One year ago our family bought  a farm built in 1939 with 1.5 ha of land. Between the farm and the main Baltic's  road E67 is 1 km wide forest. Next to the farm is a  nature reserve. For the future we want to adapt the farm for travelers, wwoof'ers, who want to stay in authentic lithuanian environment which prevailed more than fifty years ago, when every lithuanian family was following organic farming principles and respectful use of natural gifts. Daiva – lithuanian, is biologist and tourist guide, she also speaks English and Russian. Kees - dutch, also speeks English, German, French and Spanish. Together lives daughter -15. We invite you together with us to expand and maintain the eco garden, yard care, small pond and streams flowing into it. Old apple-trees garden asking for rejuvenation. In spring we will buy 2-3 sheep. They will have a ''grass-trimmer'' role and in the future producing meat and wool for traditional LT handcrafts. It may be necessary to prepare hay and cleaning farm buildings (were not used for 5 years) There are already 4 bees families. The first or the parallel job will be to settle to live in the farm house: it need to paint the interior and to finish modern toilet and shower. As long as it is conducted, you will be able to choose where to live: 1) in the farm summer kitchen building or in your tent.  2)with the family - in an another homestead, located 700 meters from the farm - in a separate room or if you want more privacy - bring a tent.  In the homestead we have established a mini-camping-camper place. Daiva will invite you to collect herbs from the forest, garden or meadows, to dry it for making  teas, to conservate vegetables for the winter. We eat healthy traditional Lithuanian food: own grown vegetables, fruits and berries. Meat still we buy (usually pork and poultry). Eat fish, sometimes- forest mushrooms, milk we buy from farmers in the village. 1-2 times a day - hot food. On the farm is an ancient Lithuanian sauna- bath- you are welcome to enjoy its pleasures, learn to bind sauna brooms, prepare  bath teas and ''witchy'' :) teas too. Daiva offers you to travel in the neighborhood (we live in the unique karst region of LT), and can recommend interesting places of visit in LT and Latvia. There is WiFi internet. Using of our bikes is possible. There is a pond for swimming and fishing near. Welcome are 2-3 wwoof'ers between the 1 of may till the  31 of august (preferably >1month). Please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance. Kindly regards Daiva and Kees.